This Mother Was Shocked After Her Breastfeeding Pic at a Wedding Went Viral

This is Naomi Jael Covert, a 21-year-old from Vilseck, Germany. She is a full-time army wife. Here she is with her 10-month-old son, TJ.

A few days ago, Covert posted a picture of herself breastfeeding TJ at a wedding on Instagram.

She said she was shocked when she woke up the next day to find the picture had gone viral, since she had posted nursing pictures in the past.

Covert said she is aware that tons of mums are scared to feed their babies in public, especially at big events like weddings. “I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed,” she said, “no matter the circumstances.”

Covert said its’s nice to see the amount of love the picture is receiving.